So how many of us are really surprised?

John Karr is just a whackjob nobody

The real idiocy of this? Karr’s attorney stated that “he was “deeply disturbed” that authorities in Boulder brought Karr from Thailand with what appears to have been scant evidence.”

Like, HELLO?? The man CONFESSED? He stated on NATIONAL FREAKIN’ TV that he did it?? That’s not enough probable cause??

And now your client’s being let go. Shut the fuck up, attorney man. Your sideshow is over, you don’t get your 15 minutes in the Court TV spotlight, you’re not going to become a guest on Nancy Grace or be able to write your book, you won’t get the movie deal.

Now let’s get back to the important news, like the Iraq War & Osama Bin Laden having the OK from Saudi Arabian clergy to blow up 10 million people in the US. You know, the stuff that got buried because of a 10 year old murder case. Yeesh.

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