On the new Reissues…

Call me a squealing 40-year-old fangirl…


Some of them, anyway: Frontiers, ROR, TBF, and Perry’s “Street Talk” and “For The Love of Strange Medicine”.

First, I take back all the bad things I’ve ever said over the years about Raised on Radio. I re-listened to it today, and was going, “Hey…it’s not that bad. It’s actually pretty goo — OMG, I LIKE THIS??!?!?!?!?!?! WTF?!?!?!!!!eleventy-oneBBQ”

Yeah, yeah, get your snickering over now.


as in, “Remixed it”. As in, CHANGED IT.

I’m listening to it now. The mix sounds tons better than the original (listen to the intro to “You Better Wait”, and you’ll see immediately what I mean). The instruments are more balanced, the sound is clearer. I’m digging it all over again, and it’s not really on my top list of favorite albums.

The OTHER shocker was the pictures included. The TBF pics have never been seen elsewhere; I saw bad scans posted on Melodic Rock’s message boards. The Street Talk pics are different shots of the album cover and some of the promo pics released around that time.

But FTLOSM…again…

Look, when FTLOSM came out, I *knew* that the “Medicine” part of the title referred to the Native American meaning of the word. It’s the only way the title makes any sense. But my idea got shot down by the folks on the Journey Digest at that time. However — you silly people 🙂 — the pics in the booklet prove me right. The back cover of the CD and one of the pics in the booklet are VERY new-agey-pagany Native American DancesWithCreditCards things. Don’t tell ME it’s not a coincidence.

I’ll post good scans on the Shrine later — I’m very very deep in the interface update at the moment. And let’s just say that those FTLOSM pics have gotten the Sacred Pagan Grove of Steve Perry resurrected. Yup. That means exactly what you suspect it means.

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