So on the 7 Kingdoms front…

All right, already, I hear you.

The recent Journey reissues have been inspiring. Relistening to the remastered albums have been fueling rumblings in that deep-down-under part of the brain that dreams & pictures & imagines & thinks of such things and now I’ve got characters that WILL NOT SHUT UP.

Or, at least, are starting to rouse from hibernation and poke hard at the inside of my skull.

(Interestingly, the UASSUHO strip characters have been the loudest. There’s new scribbles being added to the pile, including a “Who’s Who” strip that covers all the various incarnations of Journey. Squeezing all those egotistical rock stars into ONE PANEL is a very fun, loud, chaotic pain in the ass. 😀 )

And YES, the reissue PICTURES are also fueling this. Ye gods, the FTLOSM pics alone are enough to jump-start a White Hart tale that I’ve had lying around in fragments (and don’t jump to any psychotic delusi…er, conclusions about Perry & those tales; FTLOSM came out well before To Catch A King/Severed Earth.). There’s also a somewhat-sequel to Barb’s “The Bassist, the Drummer, The Dragon & The Faery Doom Brigade” that I’ve scrawled several pages for — and have been laughing my ass off over as I write.

The rewrite of TCAK/Severed Earth is in the home stretch…or at least at the point where all hell is about to break loose. I’m dreading writing it. I am, and that’s probably what’s stretched this rewrite out to nonsensical time-to-write-ness. The situation I’ve set up is very very deadly, and I’m not sure all the band will survive it. I can’t see how they can, and that will blow the next two stories’ rewrites clean out of the water and into completely unknown territory.

Which is part of the fun of writing, I think. But my subconscious is screaming, “NOOOOOOO!!”. Therein lies the problem — some people may remember how long it took Shattered Stone to get written, and THAT was solely because of Sid’s death. Some things, you just DON’T WANT TO WRITE.

But I have to. Otherwise, I’ll just be writing one-big-happy-smiley shit that deserves to be relegated to the depths of the -ite boards.

(I’m waiting for Barb’s reaction to the TBF booklet. The 2-page “spread” image had to have been taken in the foothills of Athyri. If that doesn’t jump-start HER stuff again…I’ll have to fly to the West Coast & yank her SPN TV out of the wall.)

The New & Improved HSOJ *might* be up this weekend. Yes, the new interface is THAT easy to work with. And yes, the Sacred Pagan Grove of Steve Perry is making a comeback…

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