Just got back in from Gatlingburg, TN, from a much needed extended-weekend-break away with my husband.

MUCH much needed. Especially in a little hotel tucked away on the wooded mountainside, with a king-size bed, Jacuzzi, and fireplace. RAWR POUNCE pounce pounce BOINGY BOINGY BOINGY.

But…just like LAST year…I twisted my freakin’ right knee AGAIN, coming down a trail. The knee that has given me NO FREAKIN’ TROUBLE all year…on a trail that KIDS were skipping up and down on, a trail rated “moderate”…and DAMN owie owie owie…

Guess who left the knee brace at HOME, because “eh, I won’t need it, it’s been fine all year and I’ve been training it just fine”???

(note for those not in the know: the knee got badly twisted out-of-whack last year when I slipped on loose shale and slid down the Chimney Tops trail — slid HARD. Chimney Tops is for serious hikers only; the last 1/4 mile is a scramble over rough rock, roughly a 70-80% incline. The trail this time was Grotto Falls, rated “moderate”, wide, easy track, steep incline, but nothing too serious…)

Okay. More later. Off to drink some margarita and get the muscles relaxed.

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