On The Curious Case of Crazed Effalumps and Woozels…

One-liner seen in a magazine critiquing “Supernatural”, guaranteed to get Barb to comment here: “Supernatural — live-action Scooby-Doo without the dog.”

(not that I watch the show, but Someone Has To Tease Barb About Her Obsession.)

The New Shrine is chugging along. I’m still struggling with the new Sacred Pagan Grove of Steve Perry and TOO MANY FREAKIN’ PERRY PICTURES.

Y’see, unlike SOME sites, I don’t believe in rotating stuff. I don’t believe in doling things out piecemeal in the Delusional Belief that Hordes of Drooling Masses will hang on my every Forum Post. I want all this stuff to be up there & seen all the time. But getting it all organized into simple galleries so that the pages download fairly fast — man.

On the PLUS side, there’s new UASSUHO strips coming very very soon. As fast as My Much-Loved & Muchly Talented Husband Brett can color them, that is. And when Brett, who’s NOT a Journey fan, bursts out laughing at these things, I know I probably have some winners.

Some of the older strips are getting re-colored, too, to remove my lame-ass attempts at colorization; they might also get redrawn, since my hand is FINALLY relaxing into drawing the Muppet Journey consistently.

And I hereby apologize in advance to the Most High Holy Ascended Master Perry for the upcoming strips. But damn, man, you’re just too easy a target sometimes.

Besides, Neal’s next. So there.

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