Of Muppets, Journey-Men, & Dreamweaving…



I finally got a workable interface for the UASSUHO section. A real, workable interface that WORKS & looks THE SAME in Windows IE, Safari, & Mozilla Firefox. And is MEGA-easy to update for new strips. WOOT WOOT WOOT!!

I keep finding out little tricks in Dreamweaver that just frakkin’ AMAZE me, especially when I’m googling what one would think would be SIMPLE questions (ie, “How do you load images onto an existing page from a clickable link, without having to create a whole new page for the image?”). ALL the tutorials I found, without exception, went into hideously overcomplicated scripting explanations that assumed one was a programming expert…and did not WORK, on top of that…

…and just when I was ready to tear my hair out, Dear Husband Brett said, “Hey, have you tried looking in this Dreamweaver book?” (one of the Visual Quickstart Guides)

And lo & Behold, there was my solution, simple, elegant, and EASY.

Granted, the commands still put Javascript in the code, but I don’t have to sit there & figure it out myself. WOOT!!

I may be calling on various folks to test the silly thing out in Netscape, since that’s the one browser I don’t have. But I think if it works in Mac’s Safari AND Windows IE, Netscape’s probably covered. But you never know. I’ve been surprised by such things before.

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