A quack who’s gone to the dogs

Woah, I’d forgotten what a complete MESS it is to update & redo the Shrine.

I’m steeling myself with the thought that once I work through this mess, it’ll be much easier to update & faster to load & easier for folks to use. I’m tired of getting emails from people who can’t access the picture areas (tip: un-block popups on your browser and turn on Javascript. I don’t have ads or other crap like that.)

The Good News: The new UASSUHO comics section will be MUCH better & is almost done, and I’ll be trying to post a new strip every week once the Remastered Shrine is live. Gods know I’ve got enough in my backlog now to do that.

I also worked out the problems with The new Sacred Pagan Grove of Steve Perry. Amazing what a simple thing such as…oh…REDUCING THE SIZE OF THE THUMBNAILS does for the ability to load all the pictures.

However, because of the sheer cussedness of updating the CURRENT Shrine, I can’t upload any changes until I get the main thrust of the HSOJ done. Be patient, please.

On a secondary note, I finally caught an episode of Supernatural last night. Um…you folks are joking, right? You have to be joking. Please tell me you’re joking.

*trots back to Battlestar Galactica*
*turns up volume real loud*

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