So I did my regular review of the Holy Shrine of Journey stats…

41 THOUSAND HITS in the last three days.


Wow. Just…wow.

THANK YOU, folks. I’m looking forward to keeping y’all with me for the Holy Journey of the Internet — there’s more coming to the Shrine, including new UASSUHO strips, more picture/article scans, AND screencaps from various rare Journey performances.

(though whoever it was that stumbled onto the HSOJ by typing the keywords “tale lust girl breasts” into Google…um…I really don’t run that type of site. Really. Honestly. And yes, my stats page does show me what keywords folks use to find the HSOJ, though I only look at it for amusement value.)

I’m open to almost any suggestions for the Shrine — and if you have pictures or memorabilia you want to share with Journey Fandom, but don’t want the hassle of your own site, hey, I’ll gladly post them up here & give you the credit

And to the idiots who were hotlinking my background images & Perry pictures before and stealing my bandwidth — I finally got the htaccess script bug worked out. Hope you enjoy Perry giving you half-a-peace sign.

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