I’m a what?

Received today on the Shrine’s email address:

“I see ur an REO Fan, how manytimes have u seen them??? Anytime recent?”

Yeah. Right, buddy.

Anyway, tweaks are commencing on the various Journey Album Galleries; I’d tried them from my DSL connection at work and was APPALLED at how long it still took to load the Escape section — just too many pics, I guess.

Anyway, look for faster load times AND the reissue booklets by tonight.

update 6:40 pm: the corrected galleries for Infinity, Evolution and Departure– as well as the Reissue Booklets for Evolution & Departure — are now up.

7:55 pm: corrected Captured galleries & the Captured Reissue scans are now up.

8:19: corrected Escape galleries now up. I have NO reissue booklet for Escape — I didn’t bother to buy that particular reissue, since I not only already own the remaster, but also all the booklet pics in much larger format.

9:30 Got tired of correcting these !@#% galleries. Went trolling through Brett’s Photoshop archives and found a lot of really really COOL scarabs he did when he was just learning PS. So…there’s now some cool new wallpapers up in the UASSUHO Wallpapers area. Enjoy!

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