Class A Hotel, Drunk, Sushi & Video Games…

…all on the company dime.

So at my dayjob, we’ve been testing several new systems over the summer; those tests finished successfully last month. So to celebrate, My Company hosted a party for all those involved in the testing.

Yup, that includes me.

That also included Brett…and roundtrip airfare to Chicago, roundtrip limo to the hotel, a night & meals at the Renaissance Mariott in Schaumburg (holy COW), and a three-hour blowout at Gameworks, which they’d rented out just for us.

Alcohol included (sake, good wine, tequila, etc). TONS of food included, including the best Sushi I’ve had outside of expensive Japanese restaurants. And alcohol…oh, wait, mentioned that already. Three hours of free games at Gameworks (for those who’ve never been, think 3 story bar/grill STUFFED TO THE GILLS with games, video & not.)

I’m normally a fairly good X-Wing Pilot. I get a lot better with a couple shots of sake. 😀

And the hotel…woah. To get an idea what this place is like, the bathroom had its own LCD TV, implanted in the mirror, with remote control. The mirror was heated to prevent shower-fogging. The soap/shampoo/body wash/aftershave that they provided was all good quality aroma-therapy stuff (when they do real lemongrass & bergamot, you’re not dealing with Walmart soap, here.). The main part of the room had a huge (40-inch?) plasma TV, tons of feather pillows on the bed, a down comforter…I could go on & on & on.

I’ve done quite a bit of traveling — I’ve spent $150 a night in rooms that weren’t half this good.

I love my company. :DDDD

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