Life is but a learning Journey…

…and there’s some things that, one of these days, I’m finally going to get pounded into my head:

1. For anything related to Macintosh or computing, Go To Microcenter. Do not go to the Apple Store. Don’t — I SAID DON’T !@#%. Well, you wasted all that gas, at least Microcenter’s on the way home.

2. Before You Go Looking Up Complicated How-To Tutorials For Flashy Javascript Website Programming Online, check your freakin’ Dreamweaver menus and manual.

So, the Tales area not working for IE 7, I’m working on a fast redesign of the section. I’d originally done the drop-down menus based on a Javascript tutorial I’d found on the Web, and I’d sweated/cussed/swore/fallen asleep over getting Those Menus to react correctly in all browsers. Then IE 7 came along and blew that out of the water. Thanks, Mr. Gates.

Well, HAH! Demonic Gates, I Fart In Your General Direction! I’ve now found that Dreamweaver has an on-board command that does such menus automatically. And Fastly so. And appears to work in all the browsers I have available on my Mac (including IE 5.5 and 6 on my Windows emulator – 7 won’t run there). So much for sweating & cussing.

Though I may be calling on IE 7 folks to test it for me after it’s uploaded.

There should be a semi-new non-Kingdoms tale uploaded (Two Brothers) along with the update. I’m also planning to get the rest of the Journey Reissue booklets up (Frontiers, ROR, TBF, Greatest Hits) at some point on Sunday.

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