New tale!

Or semi-new, anyway, for those who don’t follow Barb’s Journey Library.

Anyway, all the fanfic is now up (with artwork), including An Alien Sky (the Fanfic 100 entry) and the new tale, Two Brothers. I’m particularly proud of Two Brothers, since it came within a hair of getting published in Weird Tales.

I’m still working on the Fables’ Reference area — if there’s anything you want to ask or can’t figure out about the Kingdoms or any of the tales, now’s the time to ask, before I upload the new FAQ. 😀

Still to come is a non-Journey Kingdoms tale (originally published in “Of Unicorns & Space Stations”), as well as a piece of Kingdoms erotica written by request a while back (yes, Steve Perry Gets Laid. In Detail. Get over it) and the short story that ended up being the seed tale for “Shadowed Soil”.

Oh, and the rewrite for “Severed Earth” is very close to being finished. But damn it, I need to get some UASSUHO strips inked. 😀

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