The Real Reason For The Season

Merry Yule, Everyone!

…or Solstice, or Saturnalia, or Midwinter, or whatever you want to call it.

How Pagans Celebrate Yule:

1. Sex. Lots of.
2. Food. Lots of.
3. Alcohol. Lots of.

Well…*cough cough*…there may be some meaningful rituals & bonfires in there too, if you’re lucky enough to be associated with a group, but hey, those are all the ORIGINAL methods of Solstice Celebration that I know of.

and NO, there’s no naked bonfire dancing. In Winter?? In OHIO?? you people are nuts.

…okay, maybe around a candle in my heated living room…

(edit: Oh, yeah, and we also watch “The Year Without a Santa Claus”, because the whole Mr. Snowmeister/Mr.Heatmeister feud/rivalry is a PERFECT modernization of the ancient Holly King/Oak King myth. The Gods arise in strange ways, my friends.)

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