Happy New Year!

*pats the old Year on the back, hands it a cup of hot mead for the road, and waves as it walks away down the path*

*breathes sigh of relief*

*greets the new Year warmly, hands it a cup of hot mead as it comes in from the cold, and invites it to make itself comfortable on the couch*

It’s very uniquely geeky of me & Brett that, instead of spending New Year’s getting drunk in a bar or passively watching TV to see that silly Ball drop — we went online with our international gaming friends (in a huge MMPORPG virtual world called Dofus) and let off a solid half hour of digital fireworks. We’re talking pretty swirly colors, crackling sparks, shooting fountains, & flapping glowing exploding yellow chickens. It was pretty awesome — we had a HUGE online crowd watching the show & joining in, enough that we lagged the server SO BAD that folks were having problems simply chatting.

But we both got wonderfully high on mead while we were doing it. YUMMY!



1. Eat healthier. More whole grains. More fresh veggies. More seafood. More recipes from that awesome Cooking Light magazine (we have smoky chipotle chili simmering on the stove right now). I refuse to diet — dieting is only good for gaining weight.
2. Exercise on the treadmill at home for at least 20 minutes on each off-work day.
4. Write more.
5. Laugh more.
6. Draw More.

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