OMG, I’ve got WAY too many journey pictures.

I’ve got so many that I’m having problems keeping TRACK of them all to make sure I don’t post duplicates on the Shrine.

And with THAT said, you know a big-ass update is coming to the Shrine very soon.

“Tons” is a distinct understatement. And not just Steve Perry, either.

I’m not only sorting, I’m also cleaning them up — folks, if you’re gonna send me stuff, PLEASE just scan it at 150 DPI. Don’t run any filters or clean-up on them. For most of this, I’ve ended up going back over the pics & undoing what you’ve done. Doing what I do as a side-business and with my Photoshop-Genius Brett as a husband, believe me, we can do anything if it’s needed.

(not that I’m not grateful — believe me, with the sheer amount of stuff coming up, I’m drooling).

Oh, here’s a blast from the past. Folks may not have seen this, as I initially sent to Barb’s Journey Library for her “Risk” tale. Steve tries to outrun the Mafia…

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