The monthly amusement…

Keywords that folks have used to find the Shrine:

Top 20 of 38 Total Search Strings
# Search String
1 6.52% steve perry fanclub
2 6.52% steve perry journey groupies
3 4.35% anyway you want it that’s the way you need it lyrics
4 4.35% deen castronovo drummer
5 4.35% journey robyn flans book
6 4.35% ross valory photos 70
7 2.17% 7 kingdoms and editor
8 2.17% forced gag into his mouth <<<<<< ??
9 2.17% gregg rolie journey
10 2.17% how to pronounce neal schon's name
11 2.17% is steve augeri out of journey
12 2.17% journey fan club groupies
13 2.17% journey fan mails
14 2.17% journey fan site
15 2.17% journey steve perry quotes
16 2.17% neal schon journey
17 2.17% neal schon photo
18 2.17% oh sherrie video
19 2.17% pictures of steve augeri
20 2.17% sim cain photos of

Once more, there's the weird sexual keywords that — damn — I can't figure out why, having searched on THOSE keywords, the searcher CLICKS on a link that is URL'd as "Holy Shrine of Journey". Like, what do they THINK that link is going to be?

Hmmm. Never mind. Given the mindset of some fans, I probably shouldn't ask. And gods know, there's been times I've been wanting to shove gags in certain musicians' collective mouths.

But how Google is turning up MY site on those…oh…wait. It's the Kingdoms Tales. It has to be. Hoooo, brother.

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