Another trip down Journey memory lane…

I seem to be YouTubing-out this week, but I keep finding such wonderfully obscure Journey-related stuff!

Remember… The Storm:

You can see Ross Valory & Gregg Rolie in this; the Storm also had Kevin Chalfant on lead vox, Josh Ramos on lead guitar, and Steve Smith on drums (though Smitty is not in the vid, for some reason). Kevin Chalfant, btw, was the original singer that everyone thought was going to replace Steve Perry, back when Journey reformed in the early 90s — but then Steve Perry came on board after all, and the band ended up going with Steve Augeri instead.

Here’s ANOTHER marginally Journey-related video — anyone remember Hugo and the band Valentine/Open Skyz? Hugo was completely ripping off Steve Perry’s look & vocal style; I dare anyone to watch this & not think of Perry as he was in the Anyway You Want It video:

I will admit, the whole bit with the groupie is cute. And if Hugo DOES sound familiar, it’s because this guy later fronted…gasp…a Journey tribute band, Evolution.

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