Evolve or DIE, dammit!

All good things must come to an end.

Yesterday, the process was finally complete, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, that I’ve tried to do in the past and gotten talked out of it, and finally got it off the ground & done.

The Journey Webring is now in the hands of Dan Stacy, admin/owner/god of the Journey Digest.

The whole process — which should’ve been fast & simple — took over two weeks, thanks to Webring’s horrible system & complete lack of tech support. A process which had both me & Dan panicking…because after I sent the ownership to him, NEITHER of us had any management capabilities in the Webring system, and couldn’t figure out why. And in that two week timeframe, the Ring was somehow tossed up for open adoption by that same Webring system, until I discovered that little fact and got Dan to “adopt” it manually.

Open adoption … for two weeks. In that time frame, ANYONE could’ve taken it over. I shudder to think what some of the -ites would’ve done to the Ring.

It also confirmed for me that Webring SUCKS in how little it cares for its members and support, while at the same time having a domineering, controlling attitude towards the rings those members own — “we better see you manage your ring or we’re taking it away”. No joke; its support forum is full of folks who didn’t log into their Ring management for a while & found their ring placed up for open adoption. It’s the only “ring” game in town, save for Netring (the old home of the Journey Ring before I migrated), and Netring was falling apart when I left it.

I feel a little regret over things I never did with the Journey ring, but mostly, just relief. I didn’t want it dying slowly; under Dan’s hands (and those of his Digest staff), it’s at least got a fighting chance at life, now.

So now I pat the Journey Ring fondly on the shoulder, and travel off down the other fork in the road…

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