Jeebus, I have HOW many Journey pics?!?!??

…859.3 MB of Journey pics in a folder sitting on my desktop, currently unused on the Shrine. That’s over 1300 PICS (I stopped counting at that point).

That’s the sign of a serious obsessed psychotic, my friends.

Mind you, I’m not saying that to taunt folks. I’m currently correcting & updating code on the Shrine to make updates very very easy & adding galleries VERY VERY EASY. The code corrections are going quickly — almost too quickly. It’s freakin’ scary how fast this is, now that I know what all that mysterious stuff in Dreamweaver does (two words for fellow novice Dreamweaver users: Templates & Library items).

Which means that — once I sort the pics out & remove duplicates & stuff already on the Shrine in better form & some copyrighted stuff (you won’t see pics from the Official Site or Corbis, for example), you’re looking at one helluva massive amount of pics coming to the Shrine.

And I’ve got 10 gigs of space to play with. :evil laughter:

This is just stuff that I’ve collected from the Net over the past 10 years — yes, it’s gonna be “damn the torpedoes & the -ites, everything I’ve got is going up”. I’m not talking about my own hardcopy collection at the moment, which is still in process of scanning (though there’s a massive amount of that sitting in another folder which hasn’t been uploaded, either). The quality on the Net stuff isn’t always the best, but dammit, the Shrine built its rep on being THE picture zone for Journey and on having a share-and-share-alike attitude for all fans, and it’s STAYING that way.

What’s that mean? No editing of pics to remove band members (as some of the Perry sites so idiotically do — Neal’s in the band, girlies, get over it). No watermarks. No hiding my stuff behind silly Forum walls that require multiple hoops to get into.


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