Now I’m freaking.

Brett was fired today…


My husband worked in in-bound Collections for an asshole Company named “Checkfree”. Checkfree is the behind-the-scenes bill payment system for such entities as Yahoo, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, etc etc — basically, if you’re paying your bills online through any bank or entity in America, you’re using Checkfree’s system & customer service. In-bound Collections deals with customers calling in after receiving a collections letter; Brett is NOT one of the people who call & hassle folks. Usually his job involves only updating old bank information on the callers’ accounts & rescheduling their payments.

Warning: Don’t Work At Checkfree. They treat their people like shit. They consider their employees liabilities, and treat them accordingly, instead of assets. Don’t USE them either — there’s a reason that me & Brett have continued to pay our bills with checks, despite him having free billpay service through Checkfree for the past 8 years. From a customer standpoint, the place has little (NO) fraud control or procedures in place. They have 2 — count them, TWO — people working Fraud/Loss Prevention, and those folks are so backed up & overloaded that they usually close cases without working them. You read that right — without WORKING the fraud cases. Keep that in mind, when you next pay your bills online.

Anyway, Brett took a call from a customer who started the call going, “I know what the problem payments are, we don’t need to go over them, let’s just get right to the problem, here’s my new banking, reschedule…” And Brett did it. Brett did make one mistake — he accidently transposed 2 numbers on the banking information.

The customer called back to report the problem. And Brett got fired today for “falsifying documentation” because he didn’t go over the payments, and because he used a canned memo (that he & other reps have been using for years in similar situations with no problem) to memo the account. The asshats were gunning for him; we found out that 2 of the managers in the review process were managers who’ve given Brett a lot of grief in the past — at least one, Lois, is a bitch who’s got a reputation at the place as a man-hater, and who’s been gunning for Brett ever since he had the misfortune to be placed on her team a few years back. He left her team when he moved to Collections, but Lois somehow got her ass in upper management, and still in the chain of command — and we know from friends who work there that it was well-known in the company about Lois’s unwarranted bullshit towards Brett. Hell, even his last manager told him about it!

(Mind you, Brett is a very laid back, gentle man — I’ve never seen him get angry with ANYONE, even people who deserve it, and he’s got an almost puppy-dog-eager-to-please attitude. He was one of their top Collections reps before this — because he was so nice with callers & efficient in what he was doing, he was pulling in far more than a lot of the reps who’d been there longer. I’m the bitch of the pair of us.)

This is the SAME place that tried to fire him last year because he rebooted his computer. Yes, because he REBOOTED HIS COMPUTER AFTER IT FROZE UP. At my workplace, that wouldn’t even warrant a second look, let alone ANY kind of manager notice. Transposing bank account numbers? I’ve done that, too — simple error to make; my manager noted it in a call-monitor review, but it wasn’t anything that warranted any written or even verbal warning.

Now I’m freaking out. I’m majorly freaking out.

okay. i’m going to go calm down now.

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