Need a broadsword. A big, sharp, flaming broadsword.

Good news today: Brett has had callbacks from my workplace, Whole Foods, and should be getting a call from another company that he was referred to by the wife of one of my coworkers.

Bad News: Checkfree is being a total dickhead. After promising Brett — in writing, both from HR and in their papers mailed to us — that he’d have 30 days to exercise his stock options, we found out that they canceled them the day Brett was terminated. Brett called their HR after he found out about the cancellation, and the rep said, “Oh, that was a mistake, we’ll get that corrected & get them back.” Today, though, when Brett called for an update, their story — from the same woman — was “We don’t owe you anything, that paperwork was sent in error. Good bye”.

Oh, Checkfree, that was the fuck-up we’ve been waiting for. Can you say “illegal”? Can you say “stock options fraud”? We got your promise of the options in writing, and we have a lawyer on tap. Verbal “it was a mistake” things mean nothing; it’s the paperwork that counts in court. You seem to have totally forgotten that Brett has a wife that works for a major financial company (both the company I work for directly AND their Parent Company) in Fraud.

And there’s quite a bit of precedent set in court — there’s one case I know of, similar to Brett’s. A man got terminated, the company canceled his stock options after saying the man could have them, and a jury ended up awarding the man over $300,000 in punitive damages.

:evil maniacal echoing laughter:

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