hmmm. maybe there is something to newage crap after all.

Okay. My wonderful workplace & manager let me take a mental health day today, & me & Brett have done absolutely NOTHING work- or job-search- or home-business- related today — we flew kites.

I have a 6 (7?) foot delta-box kite that looks like a fluttering rainbow & flies like a hawk & pulls like a frakkin’ 747 once it’s up. I’m talking *at least* 70-90 pounds of pull, here — it’s a complete upper body workout just holding on to the line. I’m talking a kite that pulled itself out of my hand & up in the air before I was ready, BEFORE I noticed the line had wrapped around my left arm. OUCH. Not too bad, definite line burn, and a definite lesson to watch the !@#$% line as I’m preparing to launch a kite.

Brett’s got this Beetle stunter, that he had up & doing loop-de-loops, & spins, & flips — I’m holding onto my delta for dear life, & watching this Beetle float & flip, and also watching passing traffic slow down to watch…wow.

Add the sunburn and windburn and snarled & tangled hair on top of that, and you’re talking a beautifically glorious day.

To top it all off — well, I need to backtrack just a little. Bear with me, here. The punchline is a kicker.

Last night, I got home in a foul, depressed, crying, what-the-fuck-is-the-point mood. Now, I should note here for those who don’t know, I’m Pagan. I’m a highly *eclectic* Pagan, which means I tend to pull my spirituality from a variety of sources, whatever works, whatever *feels* right or makes sense with the universe, science, my gut & my life experience. In the course of my path, I’ve read & tried a lot of varied stuff. Fill your mind with enough garbage, and you can’t help but look on everything with a cynical twisted sense of humor.

A couple years back, I did reading on Feng Shui, which is an Asian belief that holds that your environment & how things are placed & designed within your environment have a major effect on your life. It goes so far as to sub-divide your home into sections, each section governing a different “area” of life (travel, friends, career, money, etc).

Do I believe it? Not really; I doubt the universe cares what color you paint your bathroom. However, some of its design principles make sense overall, and I do think that the energy of your environment can effect you, personally — which naturally effects your life & perceptions.

Now last week, me & Brett had spent a day scrubbing the bathroom & laundry room down; they needed it, oh gods, did they ever need it. The laundry area, in particular, was filthy — it’s where the litter boxes are (the only place we can put them), and we’d been harboring paint cans & far-too-many useless tools back there. After we got done, and I had scented candles lit in the bathroom, and all the windows were open so a nice breeze was blowing through the house, we both noticed that the energy in the house seemed “lifted”.

Out of curiousity, I pulled out one of my Feng Shui books — yup, those areas were right in the money/career sections of the apartment.


I wandered back into the bedroom — our walk-in closet is behind the bathroom, sharing its back wall & that so-called “money” section; a walk-in closet stuffed with clutter & junk & dust & many cobwebs. I eyed it. The junk eyed me back, then meowed pathetically and took off (okay, that was Puck). I made a mental note that “we really should clean this mess out”, and left it at that.

Fast-forward to last night. In that foul, depressed mood, I started clearing out the closet. Brett joined in, dusting & cleaning & removing junk; we ended up with several big bags of stuff that got dropped off at the Salvation Army today, before we went out to Mill Run Park & the kites.

We came back from the kite-flying, and swung by the boxes to check our mail. In our mailbox were three checks. The first from Brett’s stocks (not the options, which are still in the legal wrangle, but his employee purchase plan), the second his last paycheck, and the third from his remaining PTO, which CF cashed out.

OOOooookay. Enough for a raised eyebrow, but nothing unusual, really.

Then Brett logged into his email.

There was a message & a PDF file from the Ohio Unemployment Board waiting. Now Brett had called them yesterday to ask about his benefits, and had effectively been stone-walled (“it takes time, it’s still pending, we can’t give you any info, goodbye”). But today’s email…hooo, brother.

Brett got approved for unemployment benefits (we’d been scared that Checkfree would contest it). Well, it turns out that Checkfree did contest it — and the OUB slapped them down, stating in the documents that Brett’s firing was without just cause, that Checkfree “failed to establish negligence or willful disregard of company policy”, that an “ordinary person would find the discharge not justifiable”.


While Ohio is an “at will” state for employment, yes, we ARE passing that documentation to our lawyer. I don’t expect anything to come from it, but it IS more proof that Checkfree may have been acting maliciously & with intent to defraud when they cancelled the damn stock options as they did.

But that happening AFTER the closet cleaning….

maybe I should paint the closet red, after all. 🙂

for those that don’t get the reference, “newage”…because it rhymes with “sewage”.

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