“Holographic communication for your mind & body”…huh?

To compensate for the long-winded last post, here’s a hysterical SHORT post. This came up in my work queue yesterday:


You need to click the “what is action, what is relief, etc” links at the top of the page to see the details of this miracle cure-all they’re pitching…

…but in essence, you put holographic stickers on your body.

Yup. Holographic stickers.

Yup. Those things school girls place all over their book covers.


Now, to get the FULL crank-super-science effect, you need to further click on the “Science Center” link on the left…and then scroll all the way down the page under “Current articles that relate to the science of 8ight” section…

…to see a link on “The Magic of the Placebo effect”.


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