Holy Shite, where do I START?


A few days turned into a few WEEKS. That says a lot, that I completely lost track of time like that.


Brett’s still job-searching. Some really really good news: He’s looking into going back to school to completely change careers (medical billing/coding). The school he’s looking at is one that *I’ve* been taking computer classes at for the past couple months, New Horizons. We’ve found out that not only will the Ohio Unemployment board extend his benefits to cover the time he’s in the program (1 year), but they might also pay for the training (if approved).

I’ve been doing NH through my workplace, which is paying for the classes, and I highly recommend them, btw. They’re excellent.

The word here is WAHOO!!

As far as his old ass-hat company goes — remember them, Checkfree? The people behind 90% of all the online bill payment services in the country? — we found out that they’re opening a customer service center…in the Phillipines.

Yes. The Phillipines. A country that’s been flagged by MY workplace (owned by one of the largest financial companies in the US) as a High Risk Jurisdiction and anything financial from there is immediately suspect. One of those countries that’s HEAVILY involved in the identity-theft black-market.

Think about that for a moment. And then know, fully, why I’ve refused to pay any bills online, even when Brett could’ve had that for free.

On top of that, Checkfree completely blew off the lawyer’s letter; the lawyer suggested either Small Claims court or…heheh…the Attorney General of Ohio. Which we did, and got referred to the next higher ups in such matters. Talk about upping the ante — we reported CF to the Ohio branch of the SEC (Security Exchange Commission) who has a rather large file on CF already and said “oh hell yeah” we’ve got a case. Government moves slow, but when they get moving, the fines and penalties get bigger. Much much bigger. And more nasty.

Never mind why I’m grinning.

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