Stupid Tourist Tricks, SciFi Channel Style.

holy frakkin’ SHITE, Sci-Fi, you MUST be joking. Please tell me your joking. Please.

Okay. For a wee bit of backstory, my husband and I are fans of Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters. It’s the *only* TV show that I will make an effort to watch, that I watch consistently, and will call myself a fan of. I mean, Grown-Ups Blow Things Up In The Name of Science — my kind of show. Solid science, willingness to listen to fan input and correct/re-do experiments, entertaining explosions & mass destruction…all the right elements to catch a Geek Grrrl like me.

I *used* to like Ghosthunters on Sci-Fi — and please note that “used to”. I’m a skeptic, and worse, I’m a skeptic wants to see solid proof of some things, and really really wants to believe in some things, such as life after death. I loved GH’s initial skeptical stance & debunking efforts (which made anything they did catch & couldn’t debunk seem more solid), then got seriously annoyed when they started pulling the “Oh My Gosh What IS that THING?” crap far too often (ie, they *say* something happens, but the cameras conveniently remain pointed away from the phenomena. BULLSHIT.) Add to that the continued misuse of their fancy electronics gear and their total ignoring of their skeptic-fans offering suggestions & debunkings…bah. I stopped watching the show the moment Sci-Fi placed it head-to-head against Mythbusters. Gimme the solid thought-out science over the “woogy-woogy” bullshit anyday.

So, when I was treadmilling & glancing through Entertainment Weekly, and saw a blurb for a new show that EW called “What if Mythbusters & Ghosthunters really loved each other and had a baby?”….okay. I was intrigued. And hopeful.

The show is Destination Truth. The fact that it’s on right now and I’m in here typing this, rather than watching it, should tell you plenty.

The show’s focus is Cryptozoology, or weird / mythic / unknown animals that become the stuff of legend (such as the Loch Ness Monster). However, it’s way too much Ghosthunters and not enough Mythbusters. It’s guilty of the same crap that Ghosthunters pulls — “Oh my GOD, what is that big thing crashing around over there?”, as the camera remains solidly pointed in the other direction — AND guilty of massive cultural stupidity. The first half hour, they were in Papua New Guinea, looking for a supposed dinosaur (Iguanodon). Of course, you had the snickering villagers taking advantage of the Stupid White Men by getting them high & sick (a so-called “tribal initiation” before the villagers would show these Stupid White Guys anything. Yeah. Uh-huh. Those Stupid White Guys need to read Terry Pratchett.). Then…despite the villagers saying they saw said beast in daylight…these Stupid White Guys went tromping into thick, virgin jungle in the pitch-black middle of the night…

Yeesh. If the rest of the show is like that, the best thing they could do for their ratings is to get eaten by the beasties.

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