Like someone to blame, like a preacher needs pain…

In reading through the past month of Journey Digests, and various other fanboards, and aforementioned link, all about the Jeff Soto/Journey thing, I’m grateful for one thing…

…that this is all giving many small-minded, mean people a place to focus their little petty lives and views. Thank you, Journey, for offering that chance to them.

We’d be in real trouble if the Perry-ites and Journey-ites bothered focusing their lives towards something that actually MEANT something.

I mean, Steve Perry made an effort to redirect all that, by pointing out the various causes he supports (and you know the -ites wouldn’t give jackshit about any of that unless OMG STEVIE IS SO CARING LETZ DONAYT SO HEELL NOTIS US TO!!!!!!111). But it’s times like this that show how unsuccessful the effort is.

Journey seems to have the more realistic viewpoint. Keep the idiots corralled & focused on something harmless and away from the general population and bigger world.

They learned their lessons from CNN all too well.

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