Did Jesus Thwack Someone Upside the Head when I wasn’t looking??

Holy shite.

I can’t link directly to the video — but CNN has a jaw-dropping video report on Carlton Pierson. (Click the link on “Gospel of Inclusion” or for “Minister loses mega-church”).

Yes, THAT Carlton Pierson. The right-wing ultra-conservative envangelical who preached that anyone who didn’t follow his strict interpretation of the Bible was going to hell, who was the leader of one of the biggest RWUCE Christian Churches in the nation…

…and both me & Brett watched this video going, “We are NOT hearing this from this guy. We can’t be. This is a joke, right?”

I’m not Christian. Everyone who reads this or knows me, knows that. However, when a person feels so strongly about something that they have such a radical change happen, to the point that they give up all the money, power & fame to stick to their guns & preach it…that’s a Major Pointer to Truth, no matter what religion they claim to be.

You don’t get Truth by telling people what they want to hear; Truth is what they don’t want to listen to, but need to hear. You don’t get Truth by playing up to crowds to get your cash & fame (to quote Bono: “The God I believe in isn’t short of cash, mister”). Truth is almost never applauded. Truth doesn’t hold to an individual’s prejudices. It just is, no matter what someone decides they “believe”.

Belief clouds Truth. A rock doesn’t care if it’s believed in or not; it’s going to exist anyway.

I left the Christian / Catholic Church because of people like the “old” Carlton Pierson, because of views & dogma & “belief” that flew counter to what I experienced in Life. I view all organized religion (of all paths) with extreme suspicion; they are just to keep you controlled & prevent you from asking uncomfortable questions. They are usually nothing more than the promotion of one group/individual’s prejudices & hates. Religious -ites, if you would.

It’ll be interesting to see if Mr. Pierson continues this path, or gets seduced back to the path of Money & Power. The deep cynical part of me is expecting some big teary “I was wrong, but now I’m redeemed” speech.

(edit 6/25: CNN no longer has the video report on its front page — and I can’t find it ANYWHERE on the site. Hmmmm. Another sign of Truth: When The News Media Quickly Suppresses The Story. For those who missed it, Carlton has gone from strict conservative “hate everything that’s different” Religious Fundamentalism to “inclusionism” — including acceptance of gays without labeling them as sinners. He now says “Jesus accepted the adulterers & the tax collectors — Christians need to follow his example”.)

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