To The Pagan Community of Harry Potter “Fans”:

An Open Note to all the Neo-Pagans/Goth/Wiccan-wannabes who hang out at bookstores during Harry Potter & other fantasy events:

Shut up.

It’s a FANTASY book. It’s a FANTASY KIDS book. We do NOT need to hear you talking loudly about “real magic” or see you wearing all your ritual gear or doing your Witchy-Wannabe-Goth act.

Our path does not proselytize. We do not convert. We sure as hell do not need you out there making asses of yourselves in such a way that a) parents steer their kids well clear of you, b) reduces our path to the level of a SF/F fan costume contest, and c) confirms all the Fundies’ idiotic untrue assertions about the Harry Potter books.

Harry Potter has as much to do with real Paganism & Wicca as an apple has to do with orange juice. Using events as this to show off your witchy-wannabe asses displays your immaturity & your total lack of understanding of true spirituality. Do us all a favor — go home. Read Starhawk and Gael Baudino’s “Strands of Sunlight”, trash the damn Llewellyn books, and don’t come back until you UNDERSTAND what the path is about.

Okay, rant done.

To my Christian friends — please don’t judge us Pagans by what you may have seen at any HP event. The visible ones were the asses. The real ones were likely the normal-looking people who were chatting with you about the various plot points of the other books or that let you ahead of them in line or were enthusiastically recommending other great “Harry Potter-like” reads to your kids.

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