Lord of the Harry…er, Potter of the Rings…er…

Oh dear gods, the trailers are up

Well, at least the site that hosts the trailers. None of the trailer links are working. Figures. But the pics give you a good clue on how they marketed this to Hollywood: “Harry Potter Does The Lord Of The DaVinci Code! Woo Doggy!” The fact that they’re calling this film “The Seeker”…*snort*

…and if that stupid domain name “seekthesigns.com” doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about what an absolute horror that movie’s gonna be…dear gods, Susan Cooper, why? WHY??

Though my day DID get brightened by seeing this: Beowulf. Mind you, the trailer looks like they’re mining anything they can to duplicate The Lord Of The Rings…but then I saw “screenplay by Neil Gaiman” (!!!!!!), and starring Robin Wright Penn (BUTTERCUP!!), John Malkovich (!!!) and Anthony Hopkins….

Okay. With those kind of credits, it may not suck (with Gaiman writing, the story, at least, should be good), and gives me a “okay, at least worth checking out on a Saturday afternoon” feeling.

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