UASSUHO Update: “Ooooh, SHERrrrrriiieee…”

Wherein We See The Trouble A-Comin’.

Back when I was just out of High School, I worked for Kings Island, an amusement park near Cincinnati. One of the new “attractions” was a Soundwaves store — remember Soundwaves? Basically, it’s a way for everyone to humiliate themselves in trying to sing songs; you give them your money, you select the song you want, and they put you in a little studio to record you singing/mutilating it to your heart’s content. THEN they play the result over the store loudspeakers, which, at KI, were right out front, too, where everyone in the whole Midway could hear.

So, I’m on break, and my route to the lunchroom took me right past Soundwaves…and just as I pass, I hear the familiar opening riff to “Oh Sherrie”. And, like a motorist passing a car wreck, I had to stop and listen, not wanting to listen, but just GOTTA to, and dreading what I’m about to hear….

…then burst out laughing as the singer proceeded to do his own Punk Rock Version of “Oh Sherrie”.

I mean, he was most definitely NOT trying to imitate Steve Perry. He was belting those lyrics out (ever hear the Dr. Demento thing, “My Name is Larry”? Like that), Sid Vicious meets Journey. Oh, and it wasn’t “Oh Sherrie”, it became “Oh Sharon”, and you could definitely tell who Sharon was, because she was the one in the store going, “YOU DIDN’T!! YOU DIDN’T!!!” and beating the guy with a rolled-up Hanna-Barbara-Land poster.

I wish to this day I could’ve bought a copy of that version. It would’ve been just the thing for memorializing on the Shrine.

edit: this strip can now be found under the “archive” section of the link.

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