REALLY REALLY going there… (UASSUHO Journey Update!)

It just goes downhill from here:

Road Tails, #3

I’ve know got Illustrator down to the point where I can churn out a strip in a couple hours, and most of that’s getting the drawing right. Using the pen tablet is not quite like using a pencil, but it does allow for more consistent drawing, and for finer-tuned corrections without rubbing a hole in the paper.

I may go back & re-draw some of the earlier strips; I cringe, looking at some of them now.

Lesseee, on an up-note, dear HusBun Brett not only got called back for a second interview with Echostar/Dish Network, but following that interview, they said they’re doing a background check & sent him for a drug screen. At that point, you know he’s got the job…and at more than what That Bastard Checkfree was paying him.

This is just to keep income in while he’s going to classes, but hopefully…*crosses fingers*

On the DOWN note, no sooner than he had word of all this (today):

1. The Buick’s brakes went out AGAIN on his way home from class. They went out about a month ago, when Brett was offered another job by a temp agency, and he had to turn that down because the frakkin’ car repair place took 3 days to get the brakes done. And yes, you can damn well bet they’re still under warranty.
2. He got his very first traffic ticket, today…for rolling through a stop sign in Dublin. This despite me TELLING him, over and over, how anal Dublin cops are.
3. On the way to pick him up from the car repair place (after getting his plaintive phone call), there was a car wreck in front of me, not 2 blocks from the garage, needing firetruck, ambulance & 2 cop cars to block all lanes of traffic. Normally a 10 minute trip…45 minutes, before someone let me turn in front of them and get into the parking lot of a nearby shopping center. GRRrrrrr.

Whatever little Bad Luck Bastard Fairy has it in for us…STOP. Before I hunt you down & rip your wings off.

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