This week in the UASSUHO Journey…

Coming this week in the UASSUHO Journey, I’ll be redrawing & re-doing many of the older strips. Now that I’ve got a better handle on what these characters look like — and I’ve finally gotten used to Illustrator & the Wacom pen tablet — those older strips are gonna get MUCH better served than the original icky hand drawings.

Not to mention that there’s some ‘series’ that I let drop because it was too much to keep redrawing the same panels over & over & hope they came out consistently. SO…you’ll not only be seeing bright, clearer lines AND color (yay!), you’ll also get more of the “In The Beginning” storyline (including how Herbie …ah…coerced Neal into the band) AND the conclusion for the whole Evolution Photo Shoot (does Smitty win the bet? :D).

oh, yeah, and I’ll be adding in some special strips done for Barb Stearn’s Candles Series. Tuiranarienananenanenanenaen will never be the same again…

and by the way, allergies SUCK. Allergies brought on by dust stirred up from cleaning REALLY REALLY suck. my nose is so frakkin’ sore…

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