UASSUHO Update! “In The Beginning…”

“…There Was The Herbie, and The Herbie Said, Let There Be Band…”

I’d started to do the Infinity recording session — I actually have the first strip of that redrawn, with more scribbled — but then I thought, hey, this’ll make no sense unless I do the beginning strips FIRST.

Which is even BETTER, because that’s another ‘series’ that I kind of left hanging. I mean, I never did get Herbie coercing…er, convincing Neal to join Journey. Or the full story behind Ross’s joining…

Now, granted, there is NOTHING I could come up with that would be any stranger or funnier than the truth, which Herbie can’t seem to decide whether to leave up on his site or not. There IS The Infamous Interview he did with Matt McCarty back in 2001, but you gotta read through a whole lot of ranting (er…truth) by Herbie in order to get to the good parts.

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