UASSUHO Update — Music, Politics & the Silencing Of Our Voice…

UASSUHO Strip: “First Bass”

Yes, the story about Herbie & Ross & the Vietnam Draft is true, even though Herbie can’t seem to decide whether to leave it up on his site or not. (edit: it’s there, check the Bio section, thanks mdperryfan!). I suspect it’s been removed because of the current political climate & society’s reactions to anything that might seem to go against President Bush & his little war (and mind you, being AGAINST President Bush does not equal “unAmerican”…). Remember the backlash against the Dixie Chicks, over the “we’re ashamed of Bush” comment (I’ll note here that it was *media* squelching of their music — so much for “liberal” media)? And all the talking heads on the news stations ranting about how Hollywood doesn’t have any business being political?


Everyone seems to forget that much of our current rock & pop music scene was BORN out of political & cultural dissent, from artists unafraid to speak their minds; rock’s roots, in particular, go further than the Vietnam protests of the 60s & early 70s, coming from the blues, which was the voice of African Americans. Art is born from politics and belief. Art comments on & reflects Society, Culture & Politics; artists have just as much right to speak their minds as the rest of us do — so WHAT if “oh, they get heard much more”? That doesn’t take away their right to speak.

And the “oh, they get heard more” is pure bullshit — they get heard no more than the rest of us, and no one is forcing anyone else to listen. You can turn the channel, or not go to a movie. Period. And just because someone says something, it doesn’t mean that everyone automatically believes it.

The “liberalness” of Hollywood & the media is a fuckin’ myth, and those claiming that conveniently overlook the very conservative nature & spin-cycling that is our current news media. I’ll point right here to Columbus Ohio, where conservative talk radio is pervasive & long-running; Rush Limbaugh’s been on several stations for quite a few years. However, the one — ONE — so-called “liberal” station was recently taken off the air…from lack of advertising dollars.

All the big media outlets are controlled by big business. They’re not in it to be liberal, not unless it makes money for them, somehow. Jesus, all I can think of, is in the days leading up to the Iraq war, Bush & his cronies were pushing all these lies & claims about Iraq, and NOT ONE media news outlet questioned them on-air. NOT ONE media news outlet bothered to go over the real history or question the distortions that were shoved at us. You call that liberal? I call it failing at serious reporting.

Enough of a rant. Time for dinner.

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