He’s WHAT?

Oh Sweet Chocolate Jesus

Now mind you, with all the problems & issues facing most organized religions today, don’t people have anything BETTER to do than to get pissed over a Naked Chocolate Jesus? Good LORD, most women’s reaction to chocolate borders on worship — the idea of a Naked Chocolate Jesus seems totally appropriate to me. And if you’re upset over nudity — hate to remind you, but God made us NAKED. According to the Bible, he got upset with Adam & Eve over their *shame* over being naked.

Mind, again, I’m Pagan, so my view on nudity is probably entirely different from most Christianity. I see nothing shameful in the naked human body or in sexuality, and much beauty. For that matter, most Greek & Roman statues do show their Gods as naked; aside from using chocolate, this artist is following centuries-old tradition.

We now pause for the expected puns on “eating Jesus”. Gimme that chocolate orgasm, baby! 😀

And in other Weird Religious News….You Only Gotta Worry If He Refers to Jesus as a “Hunka hunka burning love”.

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