Sites like this PISS ME OFF

Don’t run from strangers, Run From This Scary Pink DRAGON…

Ok. Never mind that most kids are more in danger from family friends, relatives & neighbors. Never mind that stranger abductions — despite what the media wants us to think — are actually a very rare occurrence (that’s why they make the TV news, they’re RARE, commonplace shit doesn’t hit the TV News).

If someone wants to grab a kid, saying “NO” isn’t gonna do anything.

Yes, the kid can say “no.” Then the stranger escalates, grabs, runs — and since the stranger is an adult & bigger, stronger than the kid, the stranger wins. Look what happened to Shawn Hornbeck, and Ben Owenby; I’m sure they both said “NO”.

Look what happened to Madeleine McCann. Or Jessica Lunsford.

SCREW that. We should be teaching kids survival skills. What to do, how to pay attention to your gut instinct, how to keep away, how to GET away, the importance of getting away as soon as you can. Teach karate & self-defense in the schools. Not chumminess with a man in a cute pink dragon suit (who’s probably a pedophile anyway, the way things go anymore — you can’t tell me that someone volunteers to do that shit just out of altruism).

Hell, given the stats, a STRANGER is probably safer than a kid’s family!

Ok. Rant done. Forget the dragons. Sign your kids up for self-defense lessons.

(side note: UASSUHO Strips are still being drawn — I’m just building up a backlog before I start posting!)

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