You know you’re really a GAMERZ when…

…you run into a problem with your plotline, and you IMAGINE YOUR CHARACTERS SITTING DOWN TO PLAY A D&D SCENARIO (3rd Edition, d20 rules) TO FIGURE IT OUT.

With me as the DM (aka “Dungeonmaster”, for the non-gamerz out there).

Not “take a walk & imagine them living the situation”. ROLEPLAYING it with dice & minis.

good gods.

“NO, Neal, you’re not THERE, you can’t help ’em.”
“No, Steve, they’re old Shadowrun minis, they didn’t make minis out of Journey, for gods’ sake. You guys weren’t THAT good.”
“Shut up, Jay, you’re fuckin’ DEAD.”
“Dammit, Ross, NO, you can’t do a flying tackle in a 2 foot wide cave passage.”
“Put the Cheetos DOWN, Sid…”
“NO, Steve, you’re at the BACK of the group, you can’t throw a dagger past Smitty and Ross & leave ’em alive. I don’t care WHO you are. You wanna what?? Ok, mister. Grab that dagger there & I’ll SHOW you. Never mind why I’m grinning evilly. Outside, Mr. Poor-Me-I’m-An-Insane-King…”

Jeez. My characters are worse than my real-life gaming groups, I swear.

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