Gods, the Journey things I stumble across when I’m bored…

Fair warning, if you click this link, you may be traumatized for life:

The Unauthorized Journey

I couldn’t stop giggling. Okay, the lead singer at least somewhat looks the part (and the weight)…but omg, he claims his name is “Perry Stevens”. Yeah. Right, dude. Only in your high school masturbatory wet dreams. Anyway, check out the pics along the right side. News flash, guys: Never in our worst fashion nightmares did either Neal or Ross sport that silly leopard print stuff. At least get the fashion-victim-style RIGHT, eh? And dammit, Ross should NOT look like John Waite on a Bad Trip. Period.

It may take some time for the pics to load, because their idiot web designers put MEGA-HUGE LARGE IMAGES in and used the height & width attributes in the HTML to scale the pics down. Idjits.

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