Holy cow, JONATHAN CAIN has a new album out???

….and the local chain music store HAD a copy???

I’m in shock.

OK, OK, it was only one copy, but still….

Fairly cool stuff, too; not his usual Newage piano (er…okay, OKAY…”Jazz Freeform Piano”. I’ve too much respect for the man to hit his CDs with my usual “newage rhymes with…” scorn). I’ve been hoping Cain would get back to the stuff he was doing on the Euro version of Back To The Innocence, and “Where I Live” is a step in that direction.

Okay, Jonathan, now ditch the synths & orchestral arrangements and the electrical stuff, pull out your piano, get Neal on acoustic guitar, and just go at it. Unplugged. Really. We’ll love you for it.

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