Praise the Holy Journey & pass the Collection Plate!

We now pause while your Vice Pope has a quiet conniption fit

Thank you, phyllis of the Journey Digest, for the link. This is a direct quote from the site (once you register for it):

“How does Journey help your Church:

Journey increases the number attending.
Journey gets everyone working towards a common goal.
Journey finds problem people and puts them in the spotlight
Journey brings more people to Christ.
Journey strengthens your local church by developing godly leaders.

Journey strengthens the church financially.
Journey increases the number of people being personally cared for.
Journey causes new churches to start naturally.
Journey, most importantly, allows the church to be obedient to Christ.
Journey makes it possible for Disciplers to go to other countries to
make disciples.

Journey protects the disciple from false cults.
Journey encourages new Believers.
Journey increases the disciples’ spiritual growth rate.
Journey prevents problems in the church.
Journey purifies the Discipler’s life.”

Hey, man, you get Steve Perry or Steve Augeri singing for you, I’ll believe almost anything you TELL me.

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