Shrine update: New Journey Tales!

well, okay…ONE new Journey tale, and a full posting of an older one. Merry Yule/Christmas & Happy New Year, everyone!

First, the new tale:

A Fairytale of San Francisco: Sid, Journey, and Christmas in San Francisco — can you say “trouble”?

Along with this, the FULL text of the first Obsidian tale, Dragon’s Gift has also been posted, re-tweaked & re-worked to fit into the Severed Earth’s established canon.

Oh, yeah….the full rewrite of “The Severed Earth” was finished last week. Anyone wanting a full copy of the “Journey” version of the rewrite, email me through the Shrine; it’s now getting its mainstream tweaks and getting ready to be shipped out & shopped around to publishers. I may make it available at cost through, as well, for those wanting a real paperback version.

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