Dish Network Is FUCKED UP PLACE TO WORK…pass the word.

Well. THIS little bit of bullshit just hit today.

When Dish Network (Echostar) hired Brett, they were willing to accommodate his class schedule. “No Problem,” they said, “no big deal.” And it wasn’t much of an accommodation — he just came in two hours later on Mon / Tues.

Today, though, his supervisor pulled him aside and said, “We can’t accommodate your schedule anymore. It sets a bad precedent. Either work our schedule or you’re gone, effective tomorrow.”

Translation: “Damn, we made a mistake hiring so many people in at that high hourly wage, we gotta do something to get them out of here!!”

What. The. FUCK.

This is the same place that decided that since there was a lot of illness going around, each day called off is a separate occurrence (most places, if the days are concurrent, it’s just a single occurrence). They hate the Columbus center, because most of the employees there are call center veterans (ex-Discover and ex-Checkfree, from what Brett’s said) and are not willing to be treated as 5 year olds — the employees know enough to push back & speak up.

Their benefits suck (hell, even Checkfree’s beat theirs). The corporate office evidently’s never heard of “lead with the carrot, not shove with the stick”. It has nothing to do with Brett’s job performance — his supe told him specifically that he was a great worker. They could easily have given him a couple weeks to try to work around the change, but no, they couldn’t even do THAT. Asshats.


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