It’s One Of Those Certain Things for a REASON…

At work, we found out that our team’s phone number is ONE NUMBER OFF from an IRS help line.

We’ve been inundated with calls from very-extra-senior citizens asking about the “tax rebate” (holy SHITE, idiots, the bill hasn’t passed Bush yet, ferchristsakes, go back to your Geritol and Viagra, read your fuckin’ newspaper, and STOP CALLING ME) and not believing us when we tell them they’ve dialed a wrong number. In some cases, they’ve called back. And back. And back.

Mind you, our phone line has several pre-recorded messages that thank them for calling “Such and Such Company” before they get to a live person. And WE answer the phones, “Thanks for calling Such and Such.”

Being old is not an excuse for being an idiot. Stop it, people.

It’s gonna be a long, long, painful stretch to April 15.

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