“Less than an inch of snow”, MY ASS…

:stares dreamily out the window at the 5 inches of snow piled on the patio table:

:watches the huge fluffy flakes swirling from the sky:

:sips coffee with Ghiardhelli chocolate mixed into it:

:watches more & more snow pile up:

:sighs happily, and is glad has day off:

Oh, yeah. And I’m looking for beta-readers for the mainstream version of Severed Earth. This is the *mainstream* non-Journey version that is getting its final prep before shopping-to-publishers, and any takers have to be willing to give me specific commentary & feedback — I have guidelines for such, crabbed from NaNoWriMo and Orson Scott Card.

I would really love to hear from the NON-Journey fans on my list. I need to hear from readers who haven’t read these things before, who aren’t going to simply say “wow, these are great” just because they like anything that has Journey in it (no offense, Journey-fan FL, but I’ve seen far too much fanfic commentary on how great a crappy tale is, just because it’s about their particular fandom). I need unbiased viewpoints here.

(edit: I am NOT implying that “Journey fans need not apply”! Beta-read away, if you wish)

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