Journey “Generations”….

Ok. Finally broke down and loaded ALL the Journey albums & solo projects on my iPod.

(well, almost all — the early Steve Smith & Vital Information albums are not on CD or iTunes or even *gasp* P2P servers, that I’ve ever been able to find. *sigh* Yes. I am really that big a fan. Though I draw the line at Tane’ Cain/McClure’s one solo album — some things are just too blandly hideous even for MY diverse & weird music tastes — and Jonathan’s album of cartoon love songs…ergh…dammit, Jonathan, you’ve got too much songwriting talent to resort to such things, like I still haven’t forgiven Neal for that one album of bland pop covers HE did. Yeesh, talk about unintentional self-parody.)

And with that rant, I’m reminded of a Calvin & Hobbes strip:

Calvin: The problem with rock and roll is that the generation that created it is now the establishment. Rock pretends it’s still rebellious with its video posturing, but who believes it? The stars are all either 45-year-old zillionaires or they endorse soft drinks! The ‘revolution’ is a capitalist industry! Give me a break! Fortunately, I’ve found some protest music for today’s youth. This stuff really offends Mom and Dad!
Hobbes: Easy-listening Muzak?!
Calvin: I play it real quiet, too.

Neal, Jonathan, come ON, Bill Watterson did NOT mean for you guys to take that seriously…

ok. back to real reason for post.

So. Red 13 rolled into Generations, and DAMN, I’d forgotten what great albums these are…especially Generations. ESPECIALLY Generations (though my jury’s still out on Neal’s retake on Self-Defense). “Walking Away from the Edge” gives me chills…then add in “Butterfly”, “Every Generation”, “Faith in the Heartland”, etc etc…and the total blues-whiskey STOMP of Gone Crazy (PLEASE, Journey, release a re-take on “Walks Like A Lady” with Ross doing lead, please oh please oh please…). Man. Both Red 13 & Generations now rank just below Escape on my “favorite Journey albums” list — Generations, especially.

Figures that just when Journey seemed to be hitting its stride with Aug, they let Aug go.

Dammit, Journey, Augeri, will you guys just kiss & make up & get back together? Please???

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