How can you REALLY tell Journey’s still popular?

…oh wait for it, wait for it. This takes a bit of setup, so bear with me.

Screw The Sopranos, car commercials & whatnot…this is how you REALLY tell when Something Is Back In The Public Eye.

Ok. A while back, I used to run The Journey Webring. Point of fact, I started it & built it, ground-up (it’s now run by The Journey Digest team).

Now, as Ringkeeper, I got very very familiar with all the Journey domains and URLs and website. VERY familiar. Like, practically memorized. I could probably still rattle them off.

For a while, Hugo’s Journey Tribute Band, Evolution, was in the Journey Ring. Remember Hugo, from Valentine?

I’ll spare you the rant about how Hugo ended up building his career on becoming Steve Perry.

Some of you know I work for a major credit card company in their Compliance department. To be blunt, I make sure we don’t have criminals taking our card as payment for their services. To that end, I work a LOT of queries on a LOT of questionable sites.

So. In one of my godsawful way-too-early-in-the-morning-to-look-at-this-shit queries today, this URL turned up: (don’t visit the link, seriously.)

I look at it, and stare at it, and go…

…”Okay, why is Hugo’s site in THIS query?”

Then my tired brain kicks in a little more, and goes,

…”um, why is Hugo’s site in this query NOW?”…

And then My Curiousity tosses My Common Sense out the window, and I go ahead and visit the site…

Does the word “Facials” describe it clear enough?

If not, just settle for “hard core porn” and leave it at that.

No. Really. Leave it.

Now, think about this. The porn scum that pull domain tricks like that (like the infamous White URL or the misspelled Disney thing) will only pull it on domains that have a reasonable chance of pulling in a good amount of traffic to their site.

Which means that someone, somewhere, decided that was still gonna get lots of traffic — that there’s enough Journey fans looking for sites/news/Brazen-Steve-Perry-Fakes that they put out the money to snag the domain & route it to their porn.

Though, dammit, I was sooo hoping it was airbrushed/Photoshopped Perry/Schon celebrity nudity.

Maybe next time. *eyes*

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