Dancing as fast as I can…


It’s always a rush to get introduced to a new band.

It’s DOUBLY a rush when the CD in question connects so hard to not only me, but also to my writing, connects so hard that I’m gasping in sheer amazement.

The band is the Oysterband (aka The Oyster Band) — hardly “new”, actually. They’ve been around for 30 years. But OMG, how come I’ve never listened to them before this?

This past weekend, the local Celtic music show, “Toss The Feathers” (http://www.wcbe.org to listen, Sat 3-5 PM EST), featured two tracks from their 2007 album “Meet You There”. I was in another room, concentrating hard on another project, and even from that distance, the music caught my attention and drew me away from the computer & to the radio — and I was at the iTunes store right after they finished, downloading the whole album.

Yeah. I believe in paying for good music. I’m weird that way.

Anyway, I’ve been obsessively listening to “Meet You There” ever since. THIS is the CD that the band in my stories would have put out after the events of the first three books. Granted, John Jones’s voice (lead singer) is nowhere near the tenor that Perry’s is, but dammmmn. “Meet You There” bounces between trad-influenced rock/borderline country, emotional, yearning, damning, lyrically deft…


Best tracks:

Over the Water (“the spirit of a troubled life is all that I can give to you…”)
Dancing as Fast as I Can (“the match burns down, it nips your fingers, wakes you from the dream of where you thought you were…” — holy SHITE, this song just became the new theme for the Seven Kingdoms series…)
Here Comes The Flood (the trad-flipside of Journey’s World Gone Wild)
Where the World Divides
The Boy’s Still Running (I’ve been re-reading “Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows”, and THIS song just seems tailor-made to the book. I doubt the Oysterband intended it that way, though. It’s a haunting, eerie song.)

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