Sorry, is “tech support” stamped on my forehead? I don’t think so.

What IS it with everyone deciding I know everything about whatever tech issue they decide to drop in my lap?

Mom: “How do I remove Vista from my computer?”
Me: “Mom, I run a Mac.”
Mom: “Yeah, but how do you do it?”
Me: “Call the place you got it from and ask them to do it.”
Mom: “But…”
Me: “Or just wipe your hard drive and install XP.”
Mom: “Wipe the drive? Isn’t there any easier way?”
Me: “Yeah. Call the place you got it from and ask them to do it.”

Or today, at work:

Co-worker: “Ooooo, you got an iPod. I got one for Christmas.”
Me: “Nice.”
Co-worker: “Can you load other music on it?”
Me: “Other music?”
Co-worker: “Well, yeah, my parents loaded some stuff on it and I can’t figure out how to get my stuff on there.”
Me: “Did you read the instructions?”
Co-worker: “Instructions?”

Now, mind, the iPod is absurdly easy, especially if you have a Mac (which this co-worker does). Plug it in to your Mac, wait for iTunes to come up, drag & drop the music files onto the iPod icon in iTunes.

Wanna rip a CD to MP3? Easy — shove CD in your Mac and iTunes will come up & prompt you to import it to your music library. Then drag, drop, it’s on your iPod.

The above conversation went on for about 15 minutes after the above point, of me trying to explain the last 2 paragraphs to the continual refrain of “It doesn’t do that.” (yes, it bloody well DOES, because it’s a MAC and an IPOD and they work that way), and of me trying to send her to the Apple iPod /iTunes support area (“They couldn’t help me.” — total b.s., those Forums rock for newbies and the documentation is extensive and easy to search). Nothing would do but for her to insist on calling me so I could “walk her through it.”

I can hear the call now:

me: “Plug it in.”
Co-worker: “Um, okay…”
me: “iTunes is up?”
Co-worker: “Um…yeah.”
me: “It has an iPod icon on the left?”
Co-worker: “Um…yeah.”
me: “You can drag your music files onto it?”
Co-worker: “Um…yeah.”
me: “Problem solved. $50, please.”

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