If you like shrimp, read this:

This was posted on CNN today:

Thailand’s Shrimp product of slave labor & abuse

Pass this to everyone you know. Post it on your own blogs. And spread the word – don’t eat or buy shrimp from Thailand. If you have time, let your local grocery store know that you are no longer buying any shrimp from Thailand, and why.

If you love shrimp as much as I do, this will not inconvenience you. Shrimp packages are clearly marked as to country of origin, and the US has its own source of shrimp, the Gulf (and I have found Gulf shrimp at Wal-mart, usually a lot cheaper than the stuff from Thailand.)

So if you refuse to buy Thai and look for the US sources, you’re not only refusing to support Thai’s slave labor, you’re ALSO helping to rebuild the stricken Gulf economy, which is still hurting from Hurricane Katrina.

Peace out…

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