We’re blaming the wrong people for “health insurance”…

OK. Someone explain something to me, please.

Why is that, when we get sick or something goes wrong medically with us, and we can’t afford it, we blame the Insurance Companies? (either our Lack-Of-Health-Insurance or OMG-They-Refused-To-Cover-This-And-Now-I-Can’t-Afford-It?)

Why in the hell aren’t we blaming the people RESPONSIBLE for the high costs of health care — the doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies?

The docs/hospitals/pharm companies are the ones setting the prices. They’re the ones charging the cash that we can’t afford. They’re the ones refusing to treat people unless they can meet those high costs.

Think about this — the health insurance folks have something called “reasonable & expected costs”. This means that the in-network doctor is only allowed to charge so much for the service they render; in the worst scenario, the insurance company will only pay what they consider “reasonable” for the service, and you have to pay the rest. Take a look at the statement your insurance company sends you after a doc visit, to see what amount your doctor is really trying to charge.

In other words, the doctors are overcharging. The insurance companies expect them to overcharge, and rein them in.

Come ON, folks. How much does it really take to make those pills? How much is your doctor’s time really worth — especially when his diagnosis is usually his OPINION anyway?

They’re overcharging, and wow, we blame the insurance companies when we can’t afford it. What a racket.

Look at this another way. We don’t expect auto insurance to pay for gas fill-ups, or repairs, or oil changes. The insurance is only there in case something unexpected and out of the ordinary happens — gods forbid, if I wreck into someone. That’s what insurance is supposed to be for, the unexpected.

But health insurance somehow has to pay for the usual & expected. They foot most of the bill for your regular checkups, for routine work. You pay a co-pay, but they pay the rest.

The rest of what the DOCTOR charges.

Something to think about.

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